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You know how it is, in your mind is a little seed that you ruminate over, thoughts that cultivate a new you, a new direction. Even the slightest degree shift is new and if you have changed with the intent of bringing a positive energy with it, your new beginning will flourish!

FBOC (For the Betterment of Our Communities) was designed to work with cities and communities to rebuild/build green infrastructure. Everything from simple street trees to community parks. Anything green that would add to the community. Getting outside frequently changes you. Seeing the native green landscape, with the fresh breath of air kinda resets you. A mini recalibration.

Right now FBOC will start fundraising for the 2016 year. Our goal for 2016 is to acquire our own greenhouses. With a team of horticulturists, we can produce indigenous plants and trees to donate for restoration projects. Our Greenhouses will also have a store front (Going Green Gifts) and all proceeds will provide continued support for FBOC. Our fundraising will move in 3 primary directions; Grants, donations, and event fund raising. We need $750,000.00 to purchase the greenhouses. You can donate right here on this page, and if you are local we would welcome the chance to meet you at one of our events. We will also be posting when we need volunteers.

Thank you and I will keep you posted.

Myra Hall

FBOC is a 501c3 non profit group. EIN # 75-3188191

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